Discover the Sennelier Artist Acrylic!

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson, Sennelier artistic director, talks about the Sennelier Artist Acrylic.

Created in 2009, it has been formulated to match with the Sennelier Artist Oil Paint texture and colours. Indeed, this paint has a very good covering power with a strong consistency and a very smooth paste.

The binder is transparent which emphasizes the pigments colours. These pigments are hand picked, they are the best available pigments on the market. Then, they are finely ground three times to obtain an Artist Quality Paint.
This Sennelier Artist Acrylic made in France is available in 120 shades.

Yves-Marie Salanson suggests you to try this Sennelier Artist Acrylic with him. You will enjoy a demonstration of vivid and pale colors gradation. To do this, he uses a Sennelier knife and a Raphaël brush You will notice that this Sennelier Artist Acrylic is made in France and retains brush and knife strokes.

To discover the final result watch the video below!