How to distinguish artist grade paint from student grade paint ?

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson, Sennelier artistic director, explains how to distinguish artist grade paint from student grade paint.

When buying a tube of paint, you have to know that there are two different qualities :
- Middle range called student grade or fine quality
- High end called artist grade or extra-fine quality.

Extra-fine quality paints contain twice more pigments than fine paints, it is a paint with a great coverage and color intensity.

How to differenciate them ?

1. There is not only one price but several prices for artist grade paints. Depending on the color you purchase, there is up to 6 or 7 prices, one for each “série”, due to the high concentration of pigments. The pigment price impacts the color price.

2. The range of color is very wide for artist grade paints, up to 144 colors for Sennelier Artist Oil . It is most of the time twice more than student grade paints.

3. Student grade paints are easy to identify: only one price for all the colors, between 30 and 60 colors.

So do not confuse artist grade paint with student grade paint!

More information in the video below.