How do we get textured watercolor ?

First of all, you need to use the Semi-absorbent Gesso that you applied on a stretched canvas which is unusual for this technique. This Gesso is going to absorb watercolour in order to restore these effects.

In this video, Yves-Marie Salanson decided to paint a fantastic boat called “The Flying Phantom”. It’s a modern subject that Yves-Marie Salanson will paint with dynamism on the canvas with the Semi-absorbent Gesso and the Sennelier Artist watercolour.

Step 1 :

Apply the Gesso with a knife palette The interest of this Gesso layer is to sketch the subject directly onto the Gesso. Then, let it dry.

Step 2 :

When the Gesso is dry, it’s time to apply the watercolour with spontaneity.
Apply the Sennelier Artist watercolor with a squirrel flat brush Isabey 6421 and a 803 Raphaël mop brush.
With this video, you will discover how the Sennelier Semi-absorbent Gesso allows to create watercolour effects on unusual surfaces.