Creating effects with alcohol

You don’t need to be an expert to have fun with painting! In fact, there is a field of experimentation pleasant to work: to test the material, the pigment reaction and approach painting as a game. Thanks to the pigments concentration of ink and watercolor we can create many effects. That’s what Yves-Marie Salanson (artistic director) shows you in this video.

He uses:
- The watercolor blocks rough Sennelier
- Sennelier shellac inks
- The Sennelier honey-based watercolor
- Alcohol (spray-on)
- Water (spray-on)
- The Raphael brush Petit Gris 803
- The Raphael brush Oléo 3630

We can create effects with pigments thanks to the repulsive effect of the alcohol with water.

This technique can be use for all kinds of artworks, so let speak your creativity!